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So, raise you hand if you’ve used a Neve 2254… Anyone?

Limiter + compressor + de-esser. Limited controls, and people seemed to love it. Unlike a lot of analogue emulations, you really have to push the signal to get anything to happen with this (or is it just me?). I’m sure it is somewhat true to the original in this regard, but not my cup of tea.

One thing I do like about the Waves version is their “Analog” knob. (On this and other plugins.) You can have basically no noise/clean sound (see the chart), or push it up and the noise (hiss, that is) gets pretty audible. When it is off you have a flat response and essentially no added harmonics. You get some “normal” added harmonics as you push the compression and create some distortion. But change the analog setting and you really add a lot of stuff, ha!

I desperately wish I had a hint or two for this one, but I never use it enough to really experiment much. Perhaps someone else would like to share…?



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Waves VComp