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The original TG12345 desk is pretty darn famous. The Beatles’s Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon were recorded using it. It’s a fascinating history and it’s worth looking up on the Abbey Road Studio website or using google. Now, it’s time for you to make history using the plugin…

This is fun to use, and at least once you should try a simple session using nothing but this on each channel. For one thing, it will force you make good recordings because of the limitations for messing with the sound with just this plugin. You can’t do a lot of “sculpting” (and everyone should get in the habit of recording this way anyway).

Check out the frequency curves for various settings.  At the defaults there are some bumps at the low and high ends barely within the range of hearing, but I suspect this make for a fuller sound. It certainly made up (in the past) for deficiencies in mics/pre-ams/tape decks. Increase the drive, though, and all the highs get saturated into nowhere. And just engage the compressor (without compressing) and the low end gets a big push. It must be (have been) amazing to mix on this actual desk!


The channels (through the Channel Select knob) really are different. In fact, they can return different levels on the same source and setting so be aware it might effect the stereo mix. Speaking of stereo, the spread control is pretty cool. Put this on a reverb aux and you can collapse the signal more toward the middle, as well as adding some distortion with the Drive control. (Stick it after the Abbey Road Chamber for instance!)




Drive set to 24



Compressor engaged




Harmonic analysis of WAVES TG12345 plugin.

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  1. Man, super interesting analysis. I’ve always kind of hated this plugin. Always feels kind of hyped, and in your face sparkly. I’m probably not using it right, but I often try it and then turn it off right away. But yes, that spread tool is actually great.

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