Waves REDD .17


I wonder if the way the plugin tests out is the same way an actual .17 console would test out? I assume the waves engineers have done their homework!

I find it remarkable the high frequency spike that’s going on. It’s outside the range of hearing and I wonder what would cause such a spike in analogue equipment, some tube or what? Anyone know?

Not having a real REDD board, I pretend for a moment I am wearing an Abbey Road white lab coat and sitting with my fingers on the four channels worth of controls! Hi and low end boost or attenuation is all the EQ I need, and I can pop on that bass lift to make up for the lack of low end coming through the mic.

Increase the input signal, and there is that smooth and slight distortion that everyone avoided until everyone realized how good it sounded. This is definitely fun to play with and next time you have a solo or duet act you might want to set it all up through this, with no other effects, and see what you can do!


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