Waves Kramer Tape


The tape delay feature is pretty nice, especially when you take out the hissy highs with the lowpass filter. If you use it as an aux channel, go ahead and drive it into some distortion and adjust to taste. Or ear.

I have some things to say about tape emulations, and you can read them in my post, “The Joys of Analog Tape” on the UAD Ampex ATR-102 page. I’d be interested in knowing what you think about it.


Mix with tape plugins inserted and on, don’t add them after the fact in order to get some vibe. They all mess with the frequency response, and you want to be mixing with that audible all the way through the process. That head bump can start to add up, for instance.

What really drives this plugin (and any actual tape machine) into distortion (oh, I mean “saturation”) is pushing the record level. (Look, I had two parenthetical phrases in that one sentence.) If you keep the input down, you will add harmonics without any distortion. I highly recommend this.



My PC_Mixing preset. This is as “flat” (a tiny improvement, I know) as you can make the Kramer tape, and I reduced the noise and wow and flutter. Keep the record level away from the red and you can use this on all your channels if you are brave enough. The harmonics will build up on multiple tracks. If you are going to use this on multiples channels, vary the “wow & flutter,” flux and noise controls ever so SLIGHTLY between the channels. Tiny differences is key. You can get my presets here.

Linear Analysis of Waves Kramer Tape plugin with Penny Cool preset.

Harmonic Analysis of Waves Kramer Tape plugin with Penny Cool preset.

What do you think?