Waves CLA Mixdown


I put this on, pushed a few sliders — and wow, my mix sounded just like Chris Lord-Alge! OK, now that all the “purists” and “elitists” have had their little laugh…

Let’s be honest, the reason this kind of plugin exists is because of branding and name recognition. We have everything in one, like a cool channel strip, and it’s fairly easy to use even with all the fancy “routings” and so forth. And really, it is kinda cool to have a CLA endorsement (He must like Waves and have a nice financial arrangement—nothing at all wrong with that!) If it was total “snake oil” (to quote a semi-famous-in-some-circles youtube personality) then let’s all be hyper-critical. But it’s not—it’s fun and functional and helpful because it can provide a speedy solution in some situations.

I did set up a nice little preset that ignores the glue/compression and sets up a bit of a console simulation. Here are the charts for this preset, “Post-amp”. (And you can download the preset for FREE here!)

WAVES CLA MixDown-PC Postamp-LWAVES CLA MixDown-PC Postamp-H

What do you think?