Waves CLA-2A


This works just fine and all that. It even has (an attempt at) the slight high end bump of the LA2A. It sounds nice. But I have this question for Waves, and sometimes it kind of bugs me.

It seems to me that a lot of their plugins have this almost perfect harmonic distortion pattern. Mathematically perfect. Which admittedly sounds good and adds an “analogue-ness” to the sound being processed. But they aren’t really modeling any tubes or transistors accurately. (My opinion.)

Now, is this a bad thing? Probably not. They do what they say—they add that non-digital vibe. Maybe five people in the world can hear this and say “hey, that’s not the harmonic distortion I hear with a real LA2A.” So, does it matter? Nope. I only brought it up because it’s an interesting observation. (At least, I think it is. You might be like, “meh”.)

Take a look and compare the UAD versions (with a good hint), and the IK Multimedia White 2A.





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