UAD Pultec MEQ-5


UAD Pultec MEQ-5

The Pultec MEQ-5 is typically used together with the EQP-1A, but it has some pretty cool techniques of it’s own.

Just by putting this on a track you get a nice roll-off on the high end, and it can clean up some harshness. Also, check out those little peaks where the filters resonate even when they are at zero. If you want a tiny, narrow boost for some reason, just change the frequency. Not sure if this is helpful, but it’s interesting.

Take a look at the UAD Pultec EQP 1-A and the UAD Pultec HLF-3C.

Compare it to the Waves version.


  • “Dip” the mids in your instruments with this where needed and give room for your vocals.
  •  Works wonderfully to “fit” instruments together. Think about it, dipping one here and another there…



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