UAD Maag EQ4

UAD Maag EQ4

The MAAG is clean and uncolored, but the filters like to dance a little even at zero. It just makes it more fun, right? The bands those slight, wavy changes are on explain why the MAAG makes some vocals sound a little better even when you don’t do anything but turn it on.

And now… The secret of The famous Maag Air Band

And now the secret… Use a wide Q.

And there you have it. The “magic” is in the fact the Q gets wider as you click that frequency knob up higher. Boost with this high shelf and all that beautiful “air” is going back into your vocal, with no added harmonics/distortion. I tend to think it makes mics and preamps that cut out the highs (and many of them do) sound better, but not any more “magically” than other EQs. But with the Maag, you simply click and turn.

UAD Maag EQ4 linear analysis


UAD Maag EQ4 harmonic analysis

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