UAD EL Fatso


This is one cool dude. If you are really looking to add an analog vibe, you can’t do much better than this. Everything about it is too much fun to work with!


See below for links to my preset manual for the Fatso. I have my own way of setting it up, and that might help you have some new ideas.

UAD EL Fatso sr-LUAD EL Fatso sr-H


Here are graphs using my two presets for the Fatso: Penny_BUS and Penny_CHANNEL

I have the low end rolled off significantly and the instructions explain why and how to adjust this. I also have a hotter input which creates a bit more distortion/harmonics. You can setup your own custom console sound with these. (If you have enough processing power!)

UAD EL Fatso sr-L-PCUAD EL Fatso sr-H-PC

What do you think?