UAD EL Distressor

Distressor GUI

If you are like me, you believe that producing music should be fun. If you don’t believe that, then why are you looking at the web right now ā€” get back to work! This is one of those kind of plugins. It’s sometimes a pain in the butt to dial in the right setting, but it’s always fun getting there. (Although I have a serious personal problem when the input, and not a variable threshold, is what activates the compression. I keep meds next to my 1176.)


The Distressor has a reputation of being kind of gritty, and it certainly leans that way. But it can be sweet and subtle, just go gentle and keep the ratio low. Be nice. Also, I like to get the compressor set the way I like it and then play with the “AUDIO” (Distortion) settings. You may have to adjust your setting a couple of times back and forth, but you end up with a great sound. Also, don’t neglect the 1:1 ratio setting. Add some “analog” to your sound with no compression. (Actually, even at 1:1 there is a tiny amount of compression going on.)

UAD EL Distressor-LUAD EL Distressor-H

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