UAD DBX 160 Compressor/Limiter


A lot of people really like the dbx 160 compressor/limiter. It certainly is a slamming good time.

And it does slam. This pushes your signal up on the default setting. I didn’t balance it because I thought it was amazing there was this much gain built-in. It gets louder just waiting for you to compress it! Notice the very slight bump at 10kHz and then the frequency response drifts down. Not sure it’s enough to be audible, but it wants to add a little air and then dips before it gets harsh. You know, because a plugin has its own volition. Take a look at how the charts compare to the Waves dbx 160.

The UAD dbx 160 sounds clean but you can really push it into pumping and breaking up. The attack and release is program dependent, it grabs quicker with louder material. This lends itself to… well, slamming.


  • So cool on drum direct mics, because it will start to bite into the transient the louder the signal. Adjust the compression (the ratio) to control this. Find that spot where you just start hearing a bit of distortion, then back it down a touch.
  • So cool on drum overheads too. Really push it to bring out more room sound.
  • And yes, these are the same hints as on the Waves dbx 160. The hints are for the hardware, they work with the plugins as well!
UAD dbx 160 linear analysis chart
UAD dbx 160 linear analysis


UAD dbx 160 harmonic analysis chart
UAD dbx 160 harmonic analysis


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