UAD Dangerous BAX EQ

UAD dangerous bax EQ

The Dangerous BAX EQ is famous for broad curves and uncolored filters that gently shape your sound. “Bax” stands for Baxendall curves. And there are people who worship Baxendall curves…

These worshippers wash their hands before they touch the controls. OK, I’m kidding. Maybe. (You can google “Baxendall curves” if you are confused at this point, or even if you just like to google stuff.) Basically, what you have here are the bass and treble controls that have been on home stereo equipment almost forever. The UAD Dangerous BAX EQ adds some additional flexibility, but that is the basic premise. It is very simple to use, which is pretty much the point.

This is an amazingly clean sounding plugin, matching the hardware. But it will help if you have the ears (and room) of a mastering engineer. It’s smooth (yes, one of those words) and subtle. The frequency response is truly flat if left untouched, and no matter what will not add any harmonic coloration. Just pure control of those Baxendall curves!


  • The curves are gentle, and you should be too. This EQ is not for fixing big mistakes or hiding anything. Use it to enhance and improve. This is for people who make a .25 db change and start dancing around to the difference they hear.
  • You can use this just for the low pass/high pass filters, but even better try using shelves instead. Set them at the lowest and highest settings then tweak the levels down. This leaves some life in there, especially in the high end you can tone down any harsh (digital) build up without killing the presence.


Sorry the analysis graphs are just not that interesting on this one…

UAD Dangerous BAX EQ linear analysis
UAD Dangerous BAX EQ linear analysis
UAD Dangerous BAX EQ harmonic analysis
UAD Dangerous BAX EQ harmonic analysis

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