PSP MasterComp


It’s been a while since there has been an update to this, but that might be because there is not much to improve on. You may have noticed most of the plugins I own are from the “big-name / expensive” guys, but PSP is that rare indie exception.

This is about as clean as it gets, and even under compression there is not much distortion going on (even when there is obvious clipping). There are a lot of little tweaks you can do with this, the controls are really nicely aligned to getting things loud without getting them stupid.


Use a 2:1 ratio and trim the peaks by about 1-2 dBs. Adjust the attack to sync with your bpm. Then set the mix to 50%. Add another instance and do the same thing, but leave the mix at 100%. Smooth!


PSP MasterComp-LPSP MasterComp-H


Slight gain reduction

PSP MasterComp-slightGR-H

What do you think?