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Some awesome presets for you! They can be used as starting points for your own mix, or as a way of learning more about each plugin. They all come with helpful explanations and manuals. Feel free to experiment, the instructions are simply based on my own workflow and “ear”. I hope you enjoy and they help you make even better music!

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FREE • Presets for Airwindows plugins

A set of presets for Airwindows plugins at a great price! FREE! (Or pay whatever you want.)

Six high quality presets for Airwindows plugins: ADT, IronOxide, Nonlinear, SingleEndedDiode, ToTape, Unbox.

And PLEASE Support Chris and Airwindows!

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Airwindows Presets – FREE

$9 • Presets for Waves plugins Sets 1 & 2

44 high quality presets for Waves plugins:

REDD.17, REDD.37, Kramer HLS Channel, Kramer Master Tape, Kramer PIE, J37 Tape, NLS, Vitamin, Abbey Roads Chambers, Abby Roads Plates, H-Delay, Reel ADT, SuperTap.

••• Take a look at the manual for free!

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Waves Presets

$9 • Presets for SoundToys plugins Sets 1 & 2

38 high quality presets for SoundToys plugins: Crystalizer, Decapitator, Echoboy, EffectsRack, Little Alterboy, Microshift, PanMan, PrimalTap, Radiator, Little Radiator, Sie-Q.

••• Take a look at the manual for free!

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SoundToys Presets

$9 • Presets for UAD plugins Sets 1 & 2

24 high quality presets for UAD plugins:

EL Fatso, Ampex ATR-102, Studer A-800, Culture Vulture, Vertigo VSM-3, EMT-140, Lexicon 480L, Ocean Way Studios, Korg SDD-3000, RealVerb Pro, 

••• Take a look at the manual for free!

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UAD Presets
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