Presets for FabFilter Saturn 2

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26 high quality presets for the FabFilter Saturn 2 plugin.

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26 high quality presets for the FabFilter Saturn 2 plugin

Amps, Consoles, EQs, Leslie Cabs, Tape, Efxs, and Analog it!

These come with helpful explanations and instructions. They can be used as starting points for your own mix, or as a way of learning more about the plugin. Hopefully they will inspire your own experimentation! Enjoy and make even better music!

• • • For a more detailed look, plus instructions and some hints: take a look at the manual!

2 thoughts on “Presets for FabFilter Saturn 2

  1. Absolutely love your UAD-Presets including the Manual which tought me something about the plugins themselves as well! So I had to give Saturn2 and Soundtoys a go 🙂
    Shoud you ever make a 3rd preset pack for UAD or one for Plugin Alliance… instant buy for me.

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