Presets for FabFilter Saturn 2

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26 high quality presets for the FabFilter Saturn 2 plugin.

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26 high quality presets for the FabFilter Saturn 2 plugin!

Amps, Consoles, EQs, Leslie Cabs, Tape, Efxs, and Analog it!

These come with helpful explanations and instructions. They can be used as starting points for your own mix, or as a way of learning more about the plugin. Hopefully they will inspire your own experimentation! Enjoy and make even better music!

• • • For a more detailed look, plus instructions and some hints: take a look at the manual!

2 thoughts on “Presets for FabFilter Saturn 2

  1. Absolutely love your UAD-Presets including the Manual which tought me something about the plugins themselves as well! So I had to give Saturn2 and Soundtoys a go 🙂
    Shoud you ever make a 3rd preset pack for UAD or one for Plugin Alliance… instant buy for me.

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