IK Multimedia White 2A


Does anyone else feel like the UIs for IK Multimedia always feel (for lack of a better word) bulky?

I know that is a weird way to describe an onscreen interface, but that is how they feel to me. Kind of chunky or heavy. Maybe it’s that logo which cries for your visual attention and jumps out sort of roaring at you. Like I said, it just feels bulky. Maybe you are thinking to yourself, “who cares, the interface works just like the real hardware.” Yeah, ok, I get it. And it really always comes down to how it sounds. But I still carry in me this person who likes stuff to be fun as well as useable, and it’s my blog so I get to say what I want!

That out of the way, IK Multimedia does a wonderful job modeling the response and harmonics of a real LA2A. They fall down in the accuracy of the frequency response, as I see and hear it. But I actually prefer this. I like getting the non-linearity and harmonic distortion of the analog without it reproducing a wonky frequency curve. It rolls off the low end and leaves everything else alone. Not accurate, but useful!

Take a look and compare the UAD versions (with a good hint), and the Waves CLA-2A.


IKM White 2A-L

IKM White 2A-H

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