Waves Kramer Tape


The tape delay feature is pretty nice, especially when you take out the hissy highs with the lowpass filter. If you use it as an aux channel, go ahead and drive it into some distortion and adjust to taste. Or ear.

I have some things to say about tape emulations, and you can read them in my post, “The Joys of Analog Tape” on the UAD Ampex ATR-102 page. I’d be interested in knowing what you think about it.

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UAD Ampex ATR-102

Ampex ATR-102 Open

The Joys of Analog Tape

Calibrate it every day. Keep the tapes in a controlled environment. Push the signal so you get less noise, but not so hard that it distorts. Clean the heads and capstan. Be careful you don’t stretch the tape rewinding. Keep a log of how many punch-ins and re-records you have done. Test the motor and transports.

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