UAD Neve Preamp

Neve Preamp GUI

You can take a look at the full UAD 1073 here.

Without the EQ section of the 1073, the preamp has a bit more low end and doesn’t roll off where you can really hear anything. The harmonic/noise modeling seems pretty close between the two plugins, other than a couple of low end spikes in the preamp. (It’s hum, man!)

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UAD UA 175-B / 176 Compressor

Universal Audio UA 176 collection


I read someone’s early review of this where they said something to the effect of ‘are we running out of things to emulate that we have to find more and more obscure equipment?’ These might be obscure, but the reviewer needs to maybe visit a studio or read a little more? Just had these a couple of days, but they are quirky and fun and touchy as heck. And you have to love anything with a control marked “Vernier,” thank you Pierre.

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UAD UA 1176 Rev A / Rev E / AE


Does any other device have so much mythology surrounding it? The “Dr Pepper” setting. (It’s 10 and 2 on attack and release as if they were clock faces, and 4 on the ratio.) You have to be familiar with 1930s advertising  to know how this relates to Dr Pepper.) The “All-in” setting, where some compressor deity would inhabit the device. Various other combinations of the Ratio buttons, which depending on the time of day could make beautiful magic with your sound.

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I am impressed by the “knob in a knob” design of the 550 (and others). It saves space, and it also does what is impossible to reproduce on a screen: it utilizes 3-D space. We can move our hand up and down, back and forth, AND father and closer. UI designers, take note!

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