Audiority Pre X7


I picked this up for free I believe with an offer from It was worth it!

OK, I’m being a bit facetious, farcical, flippant and… cheeky. But after listening and using this a bit, I am very interested in what else Audiority has to offer. The guy who runs it, Luca Capozzi, has a pretty good list of sound design credits and users. Not sure if he does the programming for the plugins, but this one is worth a listen/try.

There is a typical analogue curve and harmonic profile. You can mess with the tone and they both change slightly when you adjust the drive setting. You could put this on a number of channels and simply tweak the drive on each one and get some nice variety between the channels. I guess that qualifies as a HINT!


Audiority Pre X7-LAudiority Pre X7-H

What do you think?