Audio Hardware Emulations

Plugin emulations of audio hardware.

Note: Remember, just because someone says they are emulating something, use a similar sounding name, or have an hardware-looking GUI it doesn’t mean they are actually modeling a device properly. Unfortunately, there are some developers who use common algorithms or faulty techniques and claim they are emulating a specific piece of analog equipment. I do some testing in order to verify that things are at least “in the ballpark”, at least with equipment I am familiar with or have access to. It is helpful if others chime in on this as well! The group on Facebook is a good place to communicate or leave a comment here!


audio hardware emulations compressors

ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3

  • Brainworx ACME Audio Opticom XLA-3

ADR Compex F760X-RS

  • Boz Digital Labs +10db

API 2500

  • Plugin Alliance Lindell SBC
  • UAD API 2500 Bus Compressor
  • Waves API 2500

API 525

  • LSR Audio VLB525

BSS DPR-402 Compressor/Limiter/De-Esser

  • Waves BSS DPR-402

Capital Studio CM5511

  • UAD Capital Mastering Compressor

Chandler Limited Zener Limiter

  • UAD Chandler Limited Zener Limiter

DBX 160/165

  • Arturia Comp VCA-65
  • Native Instruments VC 160
  • UAD dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter
  • Waves dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter

Drawmer 1973

  • Softube  Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor

Elysia mpressor

  • Brainworx elysia mpressor
  • UAD Elysia mpressor

Elysia alpha

  • Brainworx elysia alpha compressor
  • UAD Elysia alpha compressor


  • Kush AR-1
  • Waves Abbey Road RS-124

Empirical Labs Distressor

  • Empirical Labs Arousor
  • IK Multimedia TR5 Comprexxor
  • Kiive Xtressor
  • Slate Digital FG-Stress
  • UAD Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor

Empirical Labs Fatso

  • UAD Fatso Tape Sim. & Compressor

Eventide Omnipressor

  • Eventide Omnipressor

Fairchild 660/670

  • IK Multimedia TR5 VC-670 Compressor
  • UAD Fairchild Tube Limiter
  • Waves PuigChild Compressor

Gates STA-Level

  • Arturia Comp TUBE-STA

Manley Vari Mu

  • Native Instruments Vari Comp
  • UAD Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor
  • IK Multimedia TR5 Dyna-Mu

Millennia TCL-2 Twincom

  • Brainworx Millennia TCL-2

Neve 2254

  • Waves V-Comp
  • UAD Neve 2254/E

Neve 33609

  • IK Multimedia TR5 Precision Comp/Limiter
  • UAD Neve 33609/C

Purple Audio MC77

  • Brainworx Purple Audio MC77

Pye Compressor

  • Waves Kramer PIE Compressor

Rupert Neve Design Portico 5043 Compressor

  • Steinberg RND Portico 5043

Shure M62 Level-Loc

  • Soundtoys Devil-Loc

Shadow Hills Master Compressor

  • Brainworx Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor Class A
  • UAD Shadow Hills Master Compressor

SSL 4000 Bus Compressor

  • Cytomic The Glue
  • IKMultimedia TR5 Bus Compressor
  • Native Instruments Solid Bus Comp
  • SSL Bus Compressor 2
  • UAD SSL 4000 G Bus Compressor
  • Waves SSL SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

SSL SL 400E Listen Mic Compressor

  • SSL LMC+

Summit Audio TLA-100A

  • Softube Summit Audio TLA-100A
  • UAD Summit Audio TLA-100A Compressor

Teletronix LA-2A

  • IK Multimedia TR5 White 2A
  • Native Instruments VC2A
  • Plugin Alliance NEOLD U2A
  • UAD Teletronix LA-2A Classic Leveler Collection
  • Waves CLA-2A Compressor/Limiter

Teletronix LA-3A

  • UAD Teletronix LA-3A Classic Audio Leveler
  • Waves CLA-3A Compressor/Limiter

Tube-Tech CL-1B

  • Softube Tube-Tech Compressor Collection
  • UAD Tube-Tech CL 1B Compressor


  • Audified u73b Compressor

Universal Audio 175B/176

  • UAD 175B & 176 Tube Compressor Collection

Urei 1176

  • Arturia Comp FET-76
  • IK Multimedia TR5 Black 76 Limiting Amplifier
  • Native Instruments VC76
  • Pulsar Audio Smasher
  • Softube FET Compressor
  • UAD 1176 Classic Limiter Collection
  • Waves CLA-76

Valley People Dyna-mite

  • Softube Valley People Dyna-mite
  • UAD Valley People Dyna-Mite

Vertigo Sound VSC-2

  • Brainworx Vertigo VSC-2
  • UAD Vertigo Sound VSC-2 Compressor

Echo and Delay Units

audio hardware emulations tape delays
audio hardware emulations tape delays

A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

  • Brainworx A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay
  • UAD A/DA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

Binson Echorec

  • Audiority Echoes T7E
  • Pulsar Echorec

Dytronics CS-5 Tri-Stereo Chorus

  • UAD Dytronics Tri-Stereo Chorus

Urei Cooper Time Cube

  • UAD Cooper Time Cube MKII Delay

Dytronics FS-1 Cyclosonic Panner

  • UAD Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner

Echoplex EP-3/4

  • Audiority Plexitape
  • IKMultimedia Tape Echo
  • UAD EP-34 Tape Echo

Eventide H910 Harmonizer

  • Eventide H910 Harmonizer
  • UAD Eventide H910 Harmonizer

KORG SDD-3000 Digital Delay

  • UAD KORG SDD-3000 Digital Delay

Lexicon PCM 42 Digital Delay Processor

  • Lexicon PSP 42/85

Lexicon Prime Time Digital Delay

  • Soundtoys PrimalTap

Roland RE-201 Space Echo

  • Audiothing Outer Space
  • UAD Galaxy Tape Echo


audio hardware emulations EQs
audio hardware emulations EQs

Abbey Road RS56 passive EQ

  • Waves RS56 Passive EQ

Abbey Road RS135/127

  • Softube Abbey Road Studio Brilliance Pack

A-Designs HM2EQ

  • Kush Audio Hammer DSP


  • SoundToys Radiator

Amek 200 EQ

  • AMEK/Plugin Alliance EQ 200

Amek 9098 EQ

  • Brainworx bx_2098 EQ

API 550A/B, 560

  • IK Multimedia EQ PA, EQ PB, EQ PG
  • UAD API 500 Series EQ Collection
  • Waves API 550/560

Avedis Audio E27

  • PSP Audioware E27

Bettermaker EQ232P MKII

  • Bettermaker/Plugin Alliance EQ232D

Calrec PQ1549 EQ:

  • IK Multimedia TR5 Classic Equalizer

Chandler Limited Curve Bender

  • UAD Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastering EQ

Dangerous Music BAX EQ

  • Brainworx Dangerous BAX EQ
  • UAD Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

elysia musseq

  • Brainworx elysia musseq

Filtek BFE Mk5 EQ

  • Softube Active Equalizer (in Passive/Active pack)

Focusrite ISA110

  • Focusrite Midnight EQ

Focusrite Red EQ

  • Focusrite Red (Plug-In Suite) EQ

Harrison 32 Series Console EQ

  • UAD Harrison 32C Channel EQ

Helios Channel Strip

  • UAD Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection
  • Waves HLS Channel

Klein + Hummel UE-100EQ

  • Lindell Audio TE-100

Lindell Audio PEX-500

  • Lindell Audio PEX-500

Mäag Audio EQ4

  • Maag Audio EQ4
  • UAD Maag EQ4 EQ

Manley Massive Passive

  • Native Instruments Passive EQ
  • UAD Manley Massive Passive

Manley Pultec EQP-1A

  • Native Instruments Enhanced EQ

Millennia NSEQ-2

  • Brainworx Millennia NSEQ-2
  • UAD Millennia NSEQ-2 EQ

Motown 7-band passive EQ

  • Kit Plugins BB Mo-Q
  • NoiseAsh Motone EQ
  • UAD Hitsville EQ

Neumann PEV 930

  • Softube Passive Equalizer (in Passive/Active pack)

Neve EQ 1073

  • IK Multimedia EQ 73
  • Kit Plugins BB N73
  • Kuassa EVE-AT1
  • NoiseAsh Need 73 Console EQ
  • Sonimus Burnley 73
  • UAD Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection
  • Waves Scheps 73
  • Waves V-EQ3

Neve EQ 1081

  • Waves V-EQ4
  • IK Multimedia EQ 81
  • Kuassa EVE-AT4
  • UAD Neve 1081 Classic Console EQ

Neve EQ 1084

  • UAD Neve 1084 Preamp & EQ

Neve 31102 EQ

  • UAD Neve 31102 Classic Console EQ

Pultec EQP-1A

  • Ignite Amp PTEq-X
  • IK Multimedia TR5 EQP-1A
  • NoiseAsh Rule Tec EQ1A
  • OverToneDSP PTC-2A Vintage Program EQ
  • UAD Pultec Passive Collection
  • Waves PuigTec EQP-1A

Pultec MEQ-5

  • NoiseAsh Rule Tec EQ5M
  • UAD Pultec Passive Collection
  • Waves PuigTec MEQ-5

Pultec HLF-3C

  • NoiseAsh Rule Tec FC3C
  • UAD Pultec Passive Collection

Pultec EQH-2

  • OverTone PTH-2A

Tube-Tech PE 1C/ME 1B

  • Softube Tube-Tech PE 1C,

Rupert Neve Design Portico 5033 EQ

  • Steinberg Rupert Neve Design Portico EQ
  • DDMF 6144 EQ

Siemens W295b EQ

  • Soundtoys Sie-Q

Sontec 432 Master EQ

  • IK Multimedia Master EQ 432

Sony OXF-R3 Digital Mixing Console EQ

  • Sonnox Oxford EQ

SPL Passeq

  • Brainworx SPL Passeq


(see SSL Channel emulations)

Summit Audio EQF-100

  • Softube Summit Audio EQF-100

Tonelux Tilt

  • Softube Tonelux Tilt
  • UAD Tonelux Tilt EQ

Trident A-Range EQ

  • Softube Trident A-Range EQ
  • UAD Trident A-Range Classic Console EQ

Trident 80B

  • Trident 80B EQ

Trident CB9066

  • CB 9066 EQ

Universal Audio 610 Modular Amplifier preamp

  • UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

Urei 545 Filter Set

  • Eventide EQ45

Urei 565 Filter Set

  • Eventide EQ65

Tape Machines

audio hardware emulations tape machines
audio hardware emulations tape machines

Ampex ATR-102

  • UAD Ampex ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder

Ampex AG-440B

  • IK Multimedia Tape Machine 440

Custom Ampex 350 Preamp, 351 Electronics

  • Waves Kramer Master Tape

Mara Machines MCI JH24

  • IK Multimedia Tape Machine 24

Revox PR99 Mk II

  • IK Multimedia Tape Machine 99

Studer A80 RC Mk II

  • IK Multimedia Tape Machine 80

Studer J37

  • Waves J37 Tape Machine

Studer A800

  • UAD Oxide Tape Recorder
  • UAD Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Reverb units, plates and chambers

audio hardware emulations reverbs
audio hardware emulations reverbs


  • UAD AKG BX 20 Spring Reverb


  • UAD AMS RMX16 Expanded Digital Reverb

EMT 140

  • Arturia Rev PLATE-140
  • SoundToys Little Plate
  • UAD EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverberator
  • Waves Abbey Road Reverb Plates

EMT 244/245

  • PSP Audioware 2445

EMT 250

  • UAD EMT 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

Eventide SP2016 Reverb

  • Eventide 2016 Stereo Room

Lexicon 224

  • Native Instruments Reverb Classics RC 24
  • UAD Lexicon 224 Digital Reverb

Lexicon 480L

  • Native Instruments Reverb Classics RC 48
  • Relab LX480
  • UAD Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Consoles and Channel Strips

audio hardware emulations consoles
audio hardware emulations consoles

Abbey Road REDD consoles

  • Waves Abbey Road REDD

API Vision

  • UAD API Vision Channel Strip

EMI TG 12345 channel strip

  • Waves Abbey Road EMI TG12345

Focusrite Studio Console

  • Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC

Harrison 32Classic

  • Harrison 32Classic Channel Strip

Helios Channel Strip

  • UAD Helios Type 69 Preamp and EQ Collection
  • Waves Kramer HLS Channel

Manley VOXBOX Tube Channel Strip

  • UAD Manley VOXBOX Channel Strip

Neve 8028 Console

  • Lindell Audio 80 Series

Neve 88RS

  • UAD Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

Neve VXS Console

  • Brainworx bx_console N

SSL 4000 B Channel

  • SSL 4K B

SSL 4000 E/G Channel

  • Brainworx bx_console SSL 400E / 4000G
  • T-RackS CS British/White Channel
  • UAD SSL 4000 Series Console Bundle
  • Waves SSL 4000 Collection


audio hardware emulations preamps
audio hardware emulations preamps

Ampex 350 tape drive

  • SoundToys Decapitator A setting

API Vision Preamp

  • UAD API Vision Preamp

Chandler/EMI TG Channel

  • SoundToys Decapitator E setting

Neve 1057 input channel

  • SoundToys Decapitator N setting

Neve 1073 preamp

  • IK Multimedia EQ 73
  • Sonimus Burnley 73
  • UAD Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection
  • Waves Scheps 73

Neve 8014 console preamp

  • Sonimus Britson

TAB/Telefunken V76

  • Arturia Pre V76
  • Neold V76U73
  • UAD V76 Preamplifier

Miscellaneous Hardware Devices

audio hardware emulations miscellaneous
audio hardware emulations miscellaneous

Audio & Design Recording Panscan

  • SoundToys PanMan

Aphex Aural Exciter

  • Waves Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter

Black Box Analog Design HG-2

  • Brainworx Black Box Analog Design HG-2MS / HG-2

BBE 882i Sonic Maximizer

  • BBE D82 Sonic Maximizer

Dolby Labs 430 Series Background Noise Suppressor

  • Waves W43 Noise Reduction Plugin

Eventide H3000

  • Eventide H3000 Factory

Eventide H910

  • UAD Eventide H910 Harmonizer

SPL Vitalizer MK2

  • SPL Vitalizer MK2
  • UAD SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

SSL Fusion

  • SSL Fusion Vintage Drive
  • SSL Fusion Violet EQ
  • SSL Fusion HF Compressor

Thermionic Culture Vulture

  • Arturia Dist Tube Culture
  • SoundToys Decapitator T & P Setting
  • UAD Thermionic Culture Vulture

Vertigo Sound VSM-2

  • Brainworx Vertigo VSM-3
  • UAD Vertigo Sound VSM-3 Mix Satellite

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