UAD Oxide Tape


UAD’s cheapy/light/downsize version of tape emulation. But wait… it uses the exact amount of DSP resources that the Studer A800 uses. How can that be?

Well, draw you own conclusion about what must be inside the algorithms. The Oxide is easy to set up with straight-forward limited controls, and you can take a look at what the default setting does in the charts below.

It would be nice if it actually was a lighter version of the Studer, but it’s not. (Perhaps UAD’s new Luna system will make it more practical to have tape on every channel.) The Oxide is cheaper, and you don’t have to tweak it if that’s not your thing so you can get going quick.

For myself, I like diddling with the controls (you can check out my presets for the UAD Studer and Ampex here). It’s part of the fun and it certainly allows you to get a flatter response curve than the Oxide. Still… it’s easy and sounds as good.


UAD Oxide Tape-LUAD Oxide Tape-H

What do you think?