Lindell 6X-500


Not sure how this compares to the lunchbox hardware, which has a decent reputation for being quiet and getting the job done.

The EQ curve is interesting. The hardware has a passive, boost-only EQ which is reproduced here, but I wonder if it also has that scoop out of the middle. This certainly gives the plugin a little perceived sparkle at the top and also a cleaned up bottom. Lots of low-level noise and the channels are certainly non-linear to one another, for good or bad.

I’m not a particular fan of things that can’t give me a flat response if I want it, it’s one of the benefits of going digital/in-the-box. Just a side note about that: Certain pieces of hardware sound good with each other because they offset their frequency response differences. Device A may scoop out 1000k and device B might boost it. Together they more or less level things out. I think this is where some of the “mystique of the analog” comes from. At Abbey Road they built boxes to boost certain frequencies. (Sold as plugins by Softube as the “Brilliance Pack”.) I’m fairly certain these weren’t meant to create “brilliance” but to boost frequencies lost through the board, and even used to lift the dullness caused by bouncing tracks.


Linear analysis of pa Lindell 6X 500 plugin. Harmonic analysis of pa Lindell 6X 500 plugin.

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