Audio Plugin Testing

Hi, and welcome to something I hope is helpful to you — some simple testing of audio plugins which you can use for comparing, or just to find out more about each one. Each plugin has charts displaying linear and harmonic analysis, and my comments. (Which may or may not be helpful, but it’s my blog and I can do what I want…!) Please visit my Preset Shop as well. I have presets for UAD, SoundToys, Waves (and more on the way) and a freebie for Airwindows.  I will be posting 3-4 new tests every week, so please check back! Cool for your music…

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UAD Neve Preamp

Neve Preamp GUI

You can take a look at the full UAD 1073 here.

Without the EQ section of the 1073, the preamp has a bit more low end and doesn’t roll off where you can really hear anything. The harmonic/noise modeling seems pretty close between the two plugins, other than a couple of low end spikes in the preamp. (It’s hum, man!)

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