UAD UA 1176 Rev A / Rev E / AE


Does any other device have so much mythology surrounding it?
• The “Dr Pepper” setting. (It’s 10 and 2 on attack and release as if they were clock faces, and 4 on the ratio. You have to be familiar with 1930s advertising  to know how this relates to Dr Pepper.)
• The “All-in” setting, where some compressor deity would inhabit the device. Various other combinations of the Ratio buttons, which depending on the time of day could make beautiful magic with your sound.

The thing is, nothing about this compressor is easy to set. The attack and release are basically backwards, there is no way to change the threshold except by boosting the input, and the slightest change to anything alters the output level. But still, all that mythology! And that fast attack. And nothing is better.

Compare this to Waves Blue and Black version, IK Multimedia Black 76, and  PSP’s “modernized” version.

UAD UA 1176 RevA-LUAD UA 1176 RevA-HUAD UA 1176LN-LUAD UA 1176LN-HUAD UA 1176 AE-LUAD UA 1176 AE-H

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