Waves Scheps 73


Before you do anything else – compare this to the UAD version here.

OK, did you do it? As you can see, other than my text that I am duplicating here, there are lots of differences!

I guess Andrew Scheps’ model is different from whatever UAD used. Perhaps it has something to do with his beard. Both of these plugins sound good, I just lay awake at night wondering which actually sounds most like a real 1073. I do have to say, that 400k dip in the Waves version without even doing anything makes for a pretty sweet pre-amp sound.

•• Update to this: According to Kerrin Greally (a sound engineer ‘down under’), Andrew Scheps has talked a bunch about how this plugin was created. He didn’t want to have it emulate one specific 1073, he wanted it to be more ‘neutral’ sounding so that he could put 20 of them in his mix and not find that there’s a weird build-up.
So they helps explain the differences. Cool.



What do you think?